Our individual coaching will prepare you for many challenges you will face throughout the process of starting your own business. Our goal is to go beyond a purely advisory function. Our experienced coaches will select the tools that will help you to refine your business model or your strategic orientation, but also to strengthen your personality and your founding team. Our program and network help you to contact the right people at the right time and prepare you, for example, for the first meeting with banks or investors. At the same time, the coaching determines your personal start-up potential to identify strengths and weaknesses, so that you receive support that is tailor made for you. This might involve, for example, developing common goals and mirroring behaviors within the team. The knowledge of founders is usually great and often only assistance is needed to apply and implement it. Your self-reflection and ideas therefore play a major role throughout the coaching process. Understand our coaching as a process in which you will grow together with your ideas, to finally lead your idea to a marketable product on your own.


The Interview

With the help of different tools, we can identify your consulting needs, either in a direct conversation or digitally. After an initial get together to familiarize ourselves and exchange ideas, you will join a program that is tailor made for you. It is important to recognize the status quo of your idea and formulate clear and achievable goals. As your coach, we will accompany you over a very long period and will also help you with personal questions. Thus, our coaching offers you not only the possibility to advance your idea quickly and efficiently, but also offers the great opportunity to expand your own actions and thinking.


In the process, you'll learn...

  • to turn an idea into a marketable product,
  • to solve business-, strategic- or communication-problems independently,
  • to assess and reflect yourself and your actions,
  • recognize, avoid, and overcome conflicts
  • and finally, to think like founders!


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